External sources

  The sources and websites which are related to green algae or expression profile analysis are shown. User can click the logo or hyperlink to view.  
  Algaebase is a website which collect information of algae in ecology and taxonomy view. The algal basic information such as habitat, shape, life cycle can be gotten from this site.  
  link: http://www.algaebase.org/  
  Phytozome is a sub-site within Department of energy joint genome institute (DOE JGI). And it collects the genome, gene and protein information of model plant organism, such as Arabidopsis thaliana and Chlamydomonus reinhardtii.  
  link: http://www.phytozome.net/  
  Algal Functional Annotation Tool  
  Algal functional annotation tool is the first green algal database which merges the protein, pathway and expression profile. And it provide some analysis tool, such as dynamic pathway, expression similarity search ... etc.  
  link: http://pathways.mcdb.ucla.edu/algal/index.html  
  Mapman is a user-driven tool and a database. It allows user to analysis transcriptome or microarray data and display the results onto metabolic pathway with expression level.  
  link: http://mapman.gabipd.org/  
  KEGG is a database which provides various pathway of many model organism. Otherwise, it also provides the genome, transcriptome and proteome information which generated by high-throughput experimental technology.  
  link: http://www.genome.jp/kegg/